Quoting Mrs Daphne Paulose - “My 1st batch of students have ventured into various fields such as Aviation, Engineering, Medicine, Charter Accountancy, IT etc ... And still keep in touch with us. Some of their children now come to our preschool. Wonderful !! to see the 2nd generation back in our preschool. Nothing can be more rewarding for a teacher than this”.


The teachers at Happy Hours Integrated preschool are well trained. They are provided with regular in service training to update their knowledge and skills with the latest trends in preschool education. All of them mingle freely with the children,are patient and caring, and promote the all round development of the children.


There is an Administrator and Curriculum Co-ordinator who see to the smooth and efficient functioning of the school.


All the teachers have been trained at Daphne’s International Teacher Training Institute, which is internationally recognized by IAO-USA. www.ditti.in


They have also undergone an intensive course in special education and basic skills in counselling as part of their in-service training.

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